Writing: Anthologies, Interviews, Essays

The Power of the feminine i, Volume II Poems from the feminine perspective

Edited by Christal Ann Rice & Donna Biffar, they chose and published  my poem "Bad Girls"

Rumors Secrets & Lies: Poems About Pregnancy, Abortion & Choice

Edited by Carol Lynne Knight & Kristine Snodgrass, they chose and published my poem "Two Fetuses Aborted"

Live reading during AWP in Seattle, 2023

Songs of Revolution: Poems Against Oppression

Two of my poems: "Futility," an ekphrastic poem based on J.M.W. Turner, Strand bei Calais, Fischerfrauen sammein Koder ein, 1830 (below); and "A Call for the Lost," are published in this anthology available online. All funds from sales will be donated to Palestine.

Jack Straw Writing Fellow (2023)

My essay, Avoiding Burnout in a 365/24/7 Work Environment, was published in the Jack Straw Anthology, and read to an audience on May 19th. Available on Jack Straw’s YouTube channel. The anthology is available at Open Books & at Jack Straw.

My essay, Babes with AIDS, about the beginning and forming of the organization The Babes Network, was read at Folklife, on Center Stage, on May 29th. This essay won Honorary Mention in the Christopher Hewitt Award Contest ran by A&U Magazine, 2022. Both of these works are part of my memoir in progress. My reading can be watched on my YouTube channel.

I Sing the Salmon Home

A Guide to Creative Writing and the Imagination

A Guide to Creative Writing and the Imagination, is a great book to use as a teaching guide in creative writing, it is for the multicultural, global, and digital generation.

A collaboration conceived by Kris Saknussemm, I’m proud to have an interview on poetry and my poem, "Bus Stop in San Antonio," included. Published in 2022 it is sold through Amazon, Powell’s, Walmart, and other outlets. Ruteledge Press in the UK is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences.