Green Witch with AIDS Accepted for the HIV Here & Now Anthology!









My poem, Green Witch with AIDS was selected for the HIV Here & Now Anthology by editor Michael J. Broder (due out in 2017). Prior to that it was published first at The Unprecendented Review, then on the HIV Here & Now Poem-a-Day project.

In fact, I am a certified Green Witch in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing; I studied with herbalist Susun Weed. My herbal roots have helped me survive and stay strong.

The HIV Here & Now Project was an inspiration for many new poems about living with HIV/AIDS. This project posted a poem a day for a full year, from the second Long Term Survivors Day, June 5th 2015 through June 5th 2016, then restarted a countdown that ended on December 1, 2016, World AIDS Day. The outpouring of poetry over the past year and a half was inspiring and shows the many ways people are still affected by HIV.

My full size poetry book, Truth Be Bold—Serenading Life and Death in the Age of AIDS, contains this new writing inspired by the HIV Here & Now project. My book is divided into four sections: Outing Myself, The Work, Echoes (Remembrances), and Survival.

Truth Be Bold spans the heart of the epidemic, I worked in AIDS services (HIV case manager, adherence counselor & in education), so each poem is a story within a story.

It is in presales through December 23rd, I hope you will consider ordering a book online at Finishing Line Press


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