April Portland Reading & Surprising March Bonus







April with its glorious cherry blossoms came in a flash!

To my great surprise and honor I was invited to be the Poet in Residence at the Seattle Review of Books for the month of March. They highlighted me by publishing a poem a week and with an extensive interview. I had a busy month filled with three readings they promoted, plus, they announced my book, truth be bold—Serenading Life &Death in the Age of AIDS, is a finalist for the Lambda Literary Awards. Here is a list of what they published in one month:

In March, The Seattle Review of Books was awarded the 2018 Prowda Literary Champion Award for their excellence in Media Coverage! Not quite three years into this endeavor to highlight Seattle’s literary community they have proven themselve exemplary.

I am extremely grateful for Paul Constant’s interview, in his introduction he said, “She’s squeezing more activity into the month of March than most poets in Seattle manage to do in a year. But Weaver isn’t an overnight success; she’s been quietly putting out and reading quality work in Seattle for a couple of decades, and she’ll keep writing and reading even when the spotlight moves to another poet for a while.

Flowing into April on the coattails of the generosity of the Seattle Review of Books, I’m gearing up to travel to Portland, where I will read with two of my favorite poets, Penelope Scambly Schott and Christopher Luna. Elisa Saphier graciously agreed to host us at Another Read Through. Please tell your Portland friends and attend if you are anywhere near this delightful second hand bookstore.

Click on Another Read Through, for our event page! The bookstore is located at 3932 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon 97227, the festivities will start at 7 pm. I’ll be sending out invites on Facebook! 

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