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Summer Boating at the Duck Dodge

July 9th was a Seattle kind of summer evening, overcast, mist in the air, yet a couple dozen boats sailed out, as they do every Tuesday evening in the summer, to race in the Duck Dodge! The night I attended was Pirate Night and I was lucky to get a ride on the ‘committee’ boat. On the committee boat a group of Duck Dodge volunteers observe and grade the race then give out Duck stickers to the winning sailboats. Prize winners add their stickers to their mast, a few boats had long rows duck stickers. There are several destination points for the race, and the rule is if a duck is in your path you must never make a duck change its course! Three ducks huddled by our boat; I envisioned them shaking in fear! Parked in the center of Lake Union the committee is on the only boat that is not a sail boat; after the race the sail boats anchor to this main boat one at a time from the center out, forming a long row of boats, then a party ensues. Sailors and their passengers boat hop. This has been going on since 1974!

As for my writing…

I’m working on a new project since attending the Portland AWP in March. More will be revealed. The most exciting news is a panel proposal was accepted for the 2020 AWP in San Antonio! Our panel was one of the 480 selected from 1,359 proposals! This means I’ll present on my first panel at AWP! 

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