Word Chaser at Cafe Racer—Potluck: No Fruitcake!

Potluck: No Fruitcake

Word Chaser!

at Cafe Racer!

Peggy Sturdivant

Glenda West


 Justen VanGrinsven



Join us at 7 pm at Cafe Racer! 



Julene’s News

Terrorists Outside the Gate” was published in Winedrunk Sidewalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland on Day number One Thousand Twenty Five, or Nov 10th. You can also listen to me read this poem with live music by Paul Getzel on Soundcloud.

No One Dies Till the Last One is Gone” was published online at HIV Here & Now on November 18, 2019 in the countdown to World AIDS Day.

New York Escape” was published online at Ghost City Review on November 23, 2019.

And from Medication Journal, my hybrid memoir-in-process, “1991-1992 Work in the Heart of AIDS; Beginning of the Babes Network; He Stays,” was published on World AIDS Day by Day Without Art. I had the privilege to read it live at the Central Berkeley Library! Check out a video of my reading on Vimeo.

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