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Steve Potter

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Julene’s News

“Conception Story” was re-published at Black Coffee Review on January 1, 2020, with acknowledgement to Cliterature where it was first published.

I am thrilled that the Visual Poetry Project 2020 selected my submission, and an animation artist was drawn to my work, meaning a poem was successfully paired with an artist who will make a video! Mine was one of thirty selected and paired; one video poem will be released each day during Poetry Month April 2020! Such a great project and I’m so excited to be part of it. Thank you to animation video artist Laura Benavides, who lives in Lisbon, Portugal and was drawn to my work.

And, I had a great trip to Berkeley to read my first published section of my hybrid memoir in progress! It was published in the anthology Day Without Art Special 30 Year Edition available on Amazon.

It the book is online here, click on the Table of Contents to find the contributors!

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