Springtime Surprises!!

How amazing it is to be featured in Tamara Kate Sellman’s Blog: Rhymes with Camera


Literary Citizen for March 25, 2021: Julene Tripp Weaver!

Thank you Tamara!

Check out her book of poems, Intention Tremor, about her MS odyssey. 

In other news!


Through Positive Eyes Project: Wednesday, July 31st at 12:30!

Online at the Discovery Center I will share my photographs and story:

The Work: Grief-Work, Hope-Work, Love-Work

Positively Positive will also share their story.

Please REGISTER!! Everyone is welcome!


Publication News! 

‘Pillar’ by Meg Hartwig.

My ephrastic poem, “Wedding Dress Barb Wire Wrapped,” was published in Yes Poetry on February 23, 2021. The image of the wedding dress wrapped in barbed wire first came to me in a dream, when I saw Meghan E. Hartwig’s art sculputre piece, Pillar, which combined with my dream evoked the words in this poem.

You Were a Snake,” was published in Verse-Virtual on March 1, 2021.


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