Health Corner

Health Corner is the title of a column I wrote for the Babes Network Newsletter, a peer support network for women living with HIV/AIDS. Articles written started in 1995 and continued for four years.

My herbal studies with Susun Weed focused on Immune Health or Living Healthy with HIV. I covered a presentation she did with a group of women on east coast group. That article was republished in her December 2003 Ezine: Herbal Wise.

Below are a selection of articles I’ve written (the email address included in these links is still valid):

The Wise Woman Tradition This article gives background on the Wise Woman Tradition.

Wild Weed Walk: Focus on Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Vitamins through the Digestive System

More on Vitamins and Minerals

Calcium Part I & II

How the Liver Works and the use of Milk Thistle as a Protectant

Understanding Cholesterol/Triglycerides Part I & II

Seaweeds or Sea Vegetables Part I & II


Reasons to Use Yogurt & Recipies

TEKKA: A Condiment to Counteract Anemia

Take a Tylenol? How Safe is it really?

Learning more about Arthritis & Joint Pains

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