February Performance: A Certain Type of Brilliance!










On February 10th I will perform again at Gay City: A Certain Type of Brilliance.

“Femmes possess an alchemy that can’t be quantified, but which draws us together and enables us to be bold, ingenious, and capable of a magic that fortifies our own hearts and the soul of the community around us. A Certain Type of Brilliance is a celebration of femmes’ ability to pull amazing things out of thin air, to create on a dime, to use our vulnerability and creativity as our greatest assets in resistance to oppression.

The production features a unique cast each night; performers will create a new piece of work in the 24 hours prior to the show in response to one of a series of prompts, drawing on themes of resistance, resilience, femme identity & power.”

Come see me step into my vulnerability, each performer will have approximately 24 hours to write a piece from a prompt given out on February 9th! This is an extradinary event with 63 others who have some identity with Femme, eight of us will perform new work each night. The event runs for 8 nights with 8 performers each time equaling 64 unique productions! Come check it out, come to my night and go to some of the others, like the theatrical 14/48, this will be talent in the raw.

Tickets are available online at Brown Bag Tickets. The full schedule is listed in events on Facebook under the Discussion tab.

If you can’t make it, but want to support femme art/artists, please contribute here.

Hope to see you at the show! (Gay City has fairly limited seating, so I’d recommend snapping up tickets now!)

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