A Look at 2020

Wishing you a loving Holiday Season!

Wearing a mask is the new fashion. 

Protect your neighbors, friends and family.

Welcome 2021! Welcome a new President.

May we be kind to one another. 

May we rise up to fight for those who need our support and love.

May we find the comfort of inclusion and extend this to others.

May we find peace in our heart.

From a Native American prayer: Walk in Beauty.


Writing accomplishments in 2020:

March: My first AWP panel in San Antonio: “The Poetry of Pandemic: Children, Death, and Fucking.” It was relevant and amazing. Thank you to Robert Carr for including me, and to the other readers: Madelyn Harper, Jason Schneiderman, and C. Russell Price.

March: I joined Marcia Meier’s online writing group, Writing Through the Apocalypse. She gives wonderful promts, and her memoir Face is coming out this spring.

April: The Visual Poetry Project selected my work, then queer artist and animation filmmaker, Laura B. Ramirez picked my work. She worked with sound artist Edgar Cortez Angarita, and actress Molly Heller to create a film from my poem, Weighted to What is Real, for National Poetry Month.

April: I read two poems from my book truth be bold for the AIDS Memorial Pathway film, Written to Remember, shown at the Film Forum. A video of my reading is on the AMP website with the other writers.

With poems published nearly every month, my publication total for 2020 is 53 poems: 40 in journals (20 of them new!); 4 reprints; 8 in three anthologies and 1 in a zine! If you’ve been following my blog you might have read many of my poems and I thank you. Of these, 9 were pandemic poems.

Current News 

Beyond Expectations,” published online at HIV Here & Now on November 13, 2020 in the countdown to World AIDS Day.

“Pill Hill,” published online at HIV Here & Now on November 17, 2020 in the countdown to World AIDS Day.

“Finding a Fal Cafe in Istanbul,” published online at Poetry and Places (affiliated with Silver Birch Press) on November 18, 2020.

Calculating Death Dates,” published online at HIV Here & Now on November 22, 2020 in the countdown to World AIDS Day.


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